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Fourth Street Clinic, Wasatch Homeless Health Care

Fourth Street Clinic was founded in 1988 as a triage clinic staffed with one part-time nurse who relied heavily on hospitals for patient treatments. Today, with a staff of 50 and a volunteer network of more than 150, Fourth Street Clinic is a AAAHC accredited patient-centered medical home that serves 4,700 homeless men, women and children with 30,000 primary care, mental health, substance abuse, dental and specialty care visits.

Fourth Street Pharmacy dispenses 59,000 medication annually. By increasing homeless Utahns’ access to primary care, Fourth Street Clinic is a major partner in ending homelessness, promoting community health, and achieving across-the-board health care savings.


• Care/Case Management
• Dental Services
• Geriatrics
• HIV Screening/Education
• Medical Respite
• Mobile Clinical Services
• Pediatrics
• Pharmacy/Dispensary Services
• Street Outreach
• Substance Abuse Services
• Vision Services


Psychosocial casework and entitlement assistance are provided under an agreement with The Road Home (shelter). Mental health case management and treatment for severe diagnoses are referred to Valley Storefront, a division of Valley Mental Health Services. WHHC also refers clients to substance abuse treatment under an agreement with the Substance Abuse Services Division of Salt Lake County.

WHHC works closely with city, county, and State health departments and the University of Utah Health Sciences Center on disease control, particularly TB, West Nile Virus, and Hepatitis. City and county housing authorities are partners in helping homeless service providers solve the critical housing shortage for people who are homeless. WHHC co-manages a housing unit for TB patients with Housing Authority of Salt Lake County.

WHHC also has linkages with Youth Resource Center and Open Door Clinic, two drop-in centers for homeless youth. WHHC participates with area nursing schools, to provide learning experiences for nursing students, and the University of Utah’s School of Medicine to educate and train medical students and residents.


Estimated homeless population: 15,641

Patients served: 6,500

General Info


Janida Emerson

Medical Director

Michele Goldberg

UDS Number


Contact Info

Phone Number

(801) 364-0058



Physical Address

409 West 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Mailing Address

409 West 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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