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Diseases and Conditions

Diseases and Conditions

The clinical resources pages are designed to assist clinicians and administrators by providing relevant and timely educational materials to support the provision of care to those who are homeless. Individuals experiencing homelessness are some of the most disenfranchised individuals in our society.

Together, providers and patients must navigate challenges that hinder even the most basic care. Health outcomes are a reflection of housing status, ability to access care, availability of safe food and water, mental and social health status, environmental factors, and community support.

The resources provided here can help clinicians and administrators overcome the barriers they experience in providing health care to those who are homeless. Please contact a staff member of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council if you have any questions or suggestions for additional resources.


Browse resources for common conditions as they affect people experiencing homelessness, from chronic pain and end-of-life care to reproductive health and substance use disorder.


Browse resources for diseases as they affect people experiencing homelessness, from cardiovascular disease and diabetes to HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis.

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