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Affinia Healthcare

Grace Hill Health Centers is now Affinia Healthcare. For more than 100 years, they have been providing primary and preventive health services to the residents of St. Louis. Their fundamental goal is to ensure our neighbors a balanced, healthy future and access to quality care.


Services include primary medical and dental care, OB/GYN, pediatrics, optometry, case management, WIC, pharmacy, and transportation. Affinia contracts various agencies for primary care, case management, and substance abuse/detox services. Affinia also provides respite care and has a mobile dental van. Other services include: Adult medicine, Family Practice, Audiology, Health Services, Child Development Center, Homeless Services, Public Housing Services, Community Health Services, Mental Health Services, and Chronic Disease Management.


Affinia has linkages with nearly 30 shelters and several health and specialty care providers, including Washington University Medical School, Barnes/Jewish Hospital, and several schools of nursing and social work.


Estimated homeless population: 15,556

Patients served: 9,256


Family Care Health Centers of Carondelet

6313 Michigan St. Louis, MO 63111 Contact: Dr Robert K Massie, DDS (CEO) Phone: (314) 353-5190 Fax:  (314) 353-7631

Salvation Army Harbor Light Center 

3010 Washington Avenue, PO Box 1607 St. Louis, MO 63188 Contact: Kimberly Beck  Phone: (314) 656-3154

St. Louis Comprehensive Health Care

5471 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive St. Louis, MO 63112  Contact:  Calvin Rice  Phone: (314) 367-5820  Email:

St. Louis County Department of Health 

6121 North Hanley Road, Berkely,  MO 63134 Contact: Delorse Gunn Phone: (314) 615-0600 

General Info


Alan O. Freeman

HCH Coordinator

Michelle Radomski

Medical Director

Melissa Tepe, MD

UDS Number


Contact Info

Phone Number

(314) 814-8578

Fax Number

(314) 814-8696




Physical Address

2524 Hadley
St. Louis, MO 63106

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