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COVID-19 & Policy Issues

Our Advocacy

We are working on your behalf to mitigate the impact of this crisis on individuals experiencing homelessness. We are communicating with Congressional leaders on priority areas around health, housing, and homelessness in the constantly evolving national landscape. We have a state and local policy agenda as well as an action agenda for public health authorities and emergency response systems. We’ll continue creating spaces for our community to share best practices. See more of what we’re doing below.

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Specific Policy & Advocacy Goals:

  1. EVERY community has identified appropriate isolation/quarantine accommodations for people who are homeless.
  2. EVERY community has banned evictions, encampment sweeps, vehicle tows, and other actions that destabilize living spaces
  3. EVERY community is taking proactive, constructive actions to assist unsheltered populations living on the street and in encampments, such as provision of hand-washing stations and bathrooms
  4. EVERY homeless health care provider has sufficient levels of PPE, supplies, and support from local emergency response systems
  5. EVERY community is supporting Continuums of Care (CoCs), shelters, transitional housing programs, food programs, and other homeless services providers to ensure they are able to continue providing vital services while also keeping their staff and clients safe
  6. EVERY community leverages emergency funding to increase medical respite program capacity, and other services provided in shelters and temporary housing to meet the health care needs of those needing ongoing care
  7. EVERY community is deploying outreach teams to deliver needed information, supplies, and services to unsheltered populations, and does this in a trauma-informed manner

National HCH Council Materials

Federal Legislation

Our Partner’s COVID-19 Landing Pages


Find government documents and guidance on our main COVID-19 resources page.


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