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Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio

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Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides food pantries, homeless shelters, senior living residences, affordable housing communities and other services in the Columbus, Ohio area. Lutheran Social Services was organized in 1912, and helps create a better world by serving people in need, particularly in the areas of food, clothing, and shelter. Through its Faith Mission, Lutheran Social Services has provided walk-in emergency shelter for homeless men and women in Columbus since 1966.

The Health Center at Faith Mission provides medical, dental, vision and behavioral health care services for people who experience homelessness or lack access to quality health care services. Located in downtown Columbus, the Health Center is designed to provide on-going care for people who experience homelessness, unstable housing, low income, and other challenges.

Grant funding from the federal government allows the Health Center to provide services on a sliding fee scale, making it affordable regardless of income level. Our doctors, nurses, dentists, social workers and optometrists are skilled professionals who provide high-quality care.

Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio is a New Access Point awardee launching its Health Care for the Homeless program in 2017.

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Susan Villilo

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Audrey Knaff

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Sheryl Stephens, MD

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(614) 224-6617




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245 N grant Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

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