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Family Health Center of Worcester, Inc.

Family Health Center of Worcester’s Health Care for the Homeless programs provide high-quality health care for adults and children experiencing homelessness through a trauma-informed model of integrated primary care and behavioral health care, wraparound services, and navigation support.

Our team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, and case managers who work in partnership with our patients to identify and treat immediate medical and behavioral health needs, and to address any underlying conditions that may contribute to chronic homelessness or serve as a barrier to maintaining stable housing and achieving self-sufficiency.

Worcester Health Care for the Homeless programs aim to support our patients to improve their health and connect patients to community resources for food, housing, clothing and other social services.


Health Care for Homeless Families Program
Family Health Center of Worcester’s Health Care for Homeless Families Program works in partnership with families who are doubled-up, living in a shelter, in a car, on the street, or in unsafe/unstable housing to keep all family members healthy. Family Advocates help families by coordinating medical care, dental care, vision care, behavioral health care, emergency food vouchers, advocacy and assistance with applications, health insurance enrollment, transportation, specialty services for individuals living with HIV or AIDS, and access to treatment for substance use disorders. We offer priority access to health care appointments for families experiencing homelessness. Call (508) 860-7930 for more information.

Homeless Outreach & Advocacy Program (HOAP)
Family Health Center of Worcester’s HOAP provides comprehensive health care and case management for people living on the streets, in encampments or shelters, in transitional housing programs, or doubled up with family and friends.

Working together, our integrated, multidisciplinary team addresses physical and behavioral health needs, substance use disorders, and social determinants of health by providing case management and linkages to community-based services. Patients may walk in for services or be referred to the program by a community agency.

General Info

Executive Director/CEO

Louis Brady

Medical Director/CMO

Dr. Robert Zavoski

HCH Coordinator/ Program Director

Danielle LaRiviere

Contact Info

Phone Number

(508) 860-7990


Danielle LaRiviere



Facebook, Twitter


Physical Address

26 Queen Street
Worcester, MA 01610

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