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A monthly in-depth look at issues affecting people experiencing homelessness and the broader Health Care for the Homeless community

A Closer Look


Three Kinds of Murder…

By Barbara DiPietro, PhD, Senior Director of Policy I can’t stop thinking about Jordan Neely—who was killed by another rider on a New York City subway car in the middle of the day on May 1 in full view of others. One witness joined in the killing, while others stood by and filmed it. No

Three Kinds of Murder…

photo illustration of three left-handed fists in the air juxtaposed against a black and white image of a legislative chamber

Are Left-Handed People ‘Perverts’ and ‘Abnormal’?

Question: Why are there four times as many left-handed people in the U.S. as there were ~100 years ago? Answer: Historic stigma and discrimination. Prominent criminologists and psychologists in the early 1900s considered left-handed people “primitive and abnormal,” “stubborn, rebellious, rigid people,” and people who “may signify homosexuality, incest, and perversion.” Did you know that schools used

Are Left-Handed People ‘Perverts’ and ‘Abnormal’?

The capitol with lady justice on the other side and divided by the colors red and blue

Budgets Are Moral Documents

President Biden issued his budget on March 9, which outlined the Administration’s policy priorities and vision for federal spending in the next year. Important for the HCH Community, the HHS and HUD budgets include significant expansions to health care and housing programs, largely paid by making the rich pay their fair share in taxes. Key take-aways from our recently updated Appropriations chart and fact sheet of the

Budgets Are Moral Documents

A person who is homeless holding his head with the possibility of being arrested

Committed to Each Other

Untreated mental illness On Nov. 29, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced a plan aimed at people with severe mental illness (SMI). Mayor Adams said New Yorkers had a “moral obligation” to act when they saw people with SMI living on the streets in the throes of their illness. This directive allows New York Police

Committed to Each Other

Ballot Measures

Reproductive Health Kentucky voted against an anti-abortion constitutional amendment that would have stated that there was no right to abortion in the state. Montana voted against criminalizing providers who do not assist a “born alive” infant after an abortion. Vermont, California, and Michigan enshrined abortion rights in their constitution. Harm Reduction Health Policy If you

Ballot Measures

voters standing together holding a vote sticker

Voting Is Our Right!

Since the 2020 elections, 42 restrictive voting laws have been passed in 21 states. Many of these laws implemented voter ID requirements, which disproportionately disenfranchise people of color and people experiencing homelessness (PEH). Obtaining an ID can be a near insurmountable obstacle for PEH: You need ID to obtain ID, and many PEH have lost all of their vital records when evicted

Voting Is Our Right!

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