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This webinar describes Community Health Center Week and provides specific information on Health Care for the Homeless Day. Over 20 million individuals receive services from community health centers every year, nearly 2 million of those are individuals experiencing homelessness. HCH projects play a vital role in providing medical and other important services to individuals experiencing homelessness. HCH Day provides HCH projects an opportunity to highlight their accomplishments and describe to the public the need for HCH services. Events are designed to be fun and engaging and can incorporate health fairs, agency open houses, games for children, and inviting public officials as well. In that respect, HCH Day is an opportunity to continue making the case for funding and support, from elected officials and the broader community, for the role of HCH projects.


  • Brian Zralek, Consumer Advocate, National Health Care for the Homeless Council
  • Amy Grassette, Former Chair, National Consumer Advisory Board

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