Employment Support in the HCH Setting

Presented by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council
February 20, 2013 

This webinar will address several approaches HCH projects can take to support consumers in considering, looking for, obtaining, and maintaining gainful employment. Unemployment and homelessness are very closely associated, but many individuals who are homeless are not only able but also eager to work.

People who are homeless may already engage in temporary employment or under-the-table jobs. Seeking and securing employment can have many challenges for people experiencing homelessness, including the capacity to care for hygiene and appearance.

What role can HCH providers play in assisting their patients to find and maintain employment? This webinar will also introduce employment as an avenue to improved health and stable housing.


  • Brian Zralek, MSSW; Consumer Advocate, National Health Care for the Homeless Council
  • Yvonne Nair, BS; CEO, Saffron Strand

Archived Webinar Video

Webinar: View on YouTube.

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