TennCare Shelter Enrollment Project Regional Trainings

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council is hosting three regional training sessions for shelter providers working with youth and families this year.

These informative trainings are designed to help your program staff become more familiar with TennCare, and opportunities to support the health needs of children experiencing homelessness.

Our 2022-2023 Regional Training Sessions will focus on educating shelter staff and outreach workers on the TennCare Updates, the importance of TennCare Kids exams and TennCare Kids benefits, and to broaden the scope of resources that are available to shelter children by participating speakers from community programs that will encourage information sharing and networking opportunities.

These offered 1hour trainings are virtual, FREE, and open to all.
Regional Training Dates:
Topic: Safety Planning for Families Experiencing Homelessness and TennCare Re-Determination Updates

April 19th, 12 pm CT
East, TN TennCare Regional Training

April 20th, 12 pm CT
Middle, TN TennCare Regional Training

April 26th, 12pm CT
West, TN TennCare Regional Training

Ways to Partner with Us:
  • Be a presenter in one of the upcoming regional trainings to share information about your program and services offered: contact Sandra Mooney.
  • Share the invite to shelters, community and outreach programs, and providers agencies that service homeless and unsheltered individuals and families within your region.
  • Help us to spread the important TennCare message to individuals and families you are servicing:
*Attention TennCare and CoverKids members: Don’t risk a gap in your health insurance! Verify your contact information with TennCare. You can do this online (TennCareConnect. TN.gov) or by phone at 855-259-0701.

TennCare training (in person and virtual) is also available by request. Please contact Sandra Mooney to schedule training or to ask a question about issues related to TennCare or health care for the homeless.

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