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Summit Image 2015

“For me, the Council’s Fall Summit is, from a spiritual and vocational standpoint, a real high point of the year. Renewed for the work ahead, and reminded of why our work of social justice is so crucial in the first place, the weekend has a “time out of time” or Sabbath-like quality for me. I wouldn’t miss it.” Bill Friskics-Warren, Nashville, TN

“I think the Fall Summit is a time to remember why we started this crazy journey of healthcare for the homeless, so we can recharge on the mountain top and go back to the valley.” Brooks Ann McKinney, Asheville, NC

This is what longtime members have to say about the Fall Summit of the Governing Membership of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, this year taking place October 8-9 in Nashville, Tennessee. One of two annual gatherings of the membership, this day-and-a-half of meetings is designed to set the strategic goals of the Council (and in some sense the movement itself), and to advance networking and mutual support for our members all across the country. This is an invitation-only event that situates you in a room with Health Care for the Homeless leaders from programs of all sizes and contexts, in addition to other key stakeholders in the national movement to end homelessness. You will both contribute your own perspective to strategy discussions and learn from the achievements of your colleagues.

If you are a current or invoiced Organizational Member Representative, you should have received an invitation with registration information on August 4, 2015. Please refer to that email for more information.

If you would like to join the Council membership community and be invited to the Fall Summit, join online or contact us with any questions.

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