New ‘Healing Hands’ Examines Smoking Cessation Support Strategies

Research indicates that people experiencing homelessness are three to five times more likely to die prematurely and that “tobacco-caused chronic diseases are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among those aged 45 and older… Among younger homeless-experienced adults (aged less than 45 years), the incidence of tobacco-caused chronic diseases is three times higher than the incidence in age-matched non-homeless adults.” (Vijayaraghavan M, Elser H, Frazer K, Lindson N, Apollonio D, 2020)

In the newest issue of Healing Hands — the twice-yearly publication by NHCHC and the HCH Clinicians’ Network that takes an in-depth look at clinical issues — we examine at the impact of cigarette smoking, vaping, and other tobacco usage among people experiencing homelessness, including children, teens, families, Indigenous communities with cultural experiences of medicinal tobacco use, and people who experience other forms of social marginalization.

We also consider key aspects of communication and intervention in the realm of smoking cessation, including motivational interviewing, harm reduction, trauma-informed care, and the five stages of change model.

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