New Guide Gives Providers Resources for Diabetes Management

Diabetes can be a challenging diagnosis for an individual to manage, often requiring increased engagement with health care providers and the health care system, along with behavioral and lifestyle changes. People experiencing homelessness and housing instability are two times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than the general population. Diabetes-management activities become much more complicated when unhoused, living in unstable housing, or managing limited economic resources.

We developed this guide to give providers and clients resources to support meal planning and preparation while managing diabetes, all while being accessible to those with a variety of housing situations and resources.

We also have a printable handout available with diabetes-friendly recipes curated specifically with affordability and accessibility in mind. Both resources are available in English and Spanish.

Plus: Accessible, Affordable Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

Click Here for Recipes in English | Click here for Recipes in Spanish

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