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HCH2020: Spotlight on Learning Labs


Make the most of your 2020 National HCH Conference & Policy Symposium experience and stay for one of four half-day Learning Labs on Thursday, May 14. These comprehensive sessions will take a deep dive into taking care of your workforce, trauma-informed self-care, supporting community health workers, and community resilience.

Learn more about each Learning Lab below, and register for HCH2020!

Workforce Strategies & Solutions: Preventing Staff Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, & Moral Injury

A health center’s workforce is its greatest asset, and like most assets, signs of wear and tear can appear without proper support and maintenance. In this session, we will explore compassion fatigue, burnout, and moral injury, and how these show up in the healthcare environment. Participants will conduct a self-assessment; explore the organizational and systemic factors that contribute to compassion fatigue, burnout, and moral injury; and discuss key strategies that can be implemented at health centers to support and sustain a compassionate workforce. The session will include a mix of presentation and small group activities and will be of interest to all levels of health center staff.

Trauma-Informed Self-Care: Finding Strength Together

We all come to this work for a variety of reasons, but we stay because we care. However, caring for others takes a lot from us as administrators, providers, consumer leaders, and allies; and we cannot do our best work running on empty. This learning lab, led by our National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB), will explore ways that we can take care of ourselves and each other in this work. NCAB will present strategies for self-care and supporting each other, and discuss how we can create a compassionate, empowering, resilient community together.

Community Health Workers as Agents of Health Equity: Hiring & Supporting CHWs to Improve Health

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are a valuable member of a care team, bringing unique skills, insight and experience with the communities they serve. CHWs strengthen an HCH’s understanding and connection to the people we work with through their own experience and their ability to build relationships. This learning lab will dive into the roles of community health workers and how they can drive equity in their community. It will showcase the lessons learned from other CHW programs to highlight how HCHs can effectively recruit CHWs with lived experience and maintain a high quality CHW program where CHWs are a supported and essential member of an integrated care team.

Promoting Community Resilience

Trauma has a significant impact on health and wellbeing, both individually and collectively. This learning lab will explore trauma at the community level and discuss strategies for addressing and preventing trauma and fostering resilience.

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