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COVID-19 and People Experiencing Homelessness

Resources and Guidance

Our COVID-19 Commitment

People experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable in the COVID-19 pandemic, and the NHCHC is creating resources and collecting guidance to help meet their needs during this evolving crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving quickly, and new resources are emerging daily. This regularly updated page features key guidance and resources from the NHCHC, our partners, federal agencies, and frontline providers from the Health Care for the Homeless community. 

If you know of relevant guidance not represented here or if we can help you with technical assistance, please contact Technical Assistance Manager Michael Durham.

For press inquiries, please contact contact Rick Brown, Communications Manager.

Council Resources & Guidance

Join us every Tuesday and Friday for interactive discussions with providers and experts leading response efforts for COVID-19.

NEW: Community Info Exchange

CIE: Using Data to Coordinate Care for People Without Homes: Addressing COVID & Beyond

COVID & Homeless Populations

COVID-19 & the HCH Community: Needed Policy Responses for a High-Risk Group

Public Health & Emergency Systems

COVID-19 & the HCH Community: Needed Actions from Public Health and Emergency Response Systems

Harm Reduction in Alternate Care Sites

Reducing Harm for People Using Drugs & Alcohol During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Guide for ACS Programs

Diabetes & Coronavirus

Things to Do During the COVID-19 Crisis If You Have Diabetes

Policy & Advocacy for COVID-19

Policy Issues and Responses Necessary for People Experiencing Homelessness in COVID-19

Visual Guidance for Providers in HCH

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Homeless Shelters and Homeless Service Providers

Quick Guidance for Encampments

Responding to COVID-19 Among People Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness

Personal Protective Equipment

How to Use Personal Protective Equipment: A Quick Reference Guide for Frontline Clinical Providers

Our COVID-19 Blog

Our Continuing Series on How the HCH Community Is Responding to COVID

Shareable Infographics

Visual Resources to Illustrate COVID-19’s Impact

COVID-19 Videos & Webinars

Recent Informational Videos, Coffee Chats, Town Halls, and Other Discussions

Federal, National, and Local Guidance

Introductory Information


COVID-19 and Homeless Populations

Guidance from Federal Agencies

Guidance from National Organizations

Guidance from Local Programs

  • Our Washington colleagues at Seattle-King County’s Health Care for the Homeless network are at the epicenter of the US outbreak and are rapidly and continuously producing guidance for service providers. Follow their webpage closely for regularly updated resources, such as a COVID-19 Preparedness Planning Guide, Interim Guidance on COVID-19 for Homeless Service Providers, Response Assessments, Sanitation and Hygiene Guides, and more.
  • Coronavirus FAQ (Valley Homeless Healthcare Program of Santa Clara County, CA)
  • Health Care for the Homeless COVID-related guidance (Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless, Alameda County, CA)
  • COVID-19 and Homelessness Resource Guide (Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, Hartford, CA)
  • Coronavirus FAQ (Valley Homeless Healthcare Program of Santa Clara County, CA)
  • Related guidance and other documents (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority)
  • All COVID-related policies: scroll down for homeless- and health-related guidance (Western New York Law Center, New York)

Resources for People Without Homes

Guidance from Federal Agencies

 Guidance from National Organizations

Guidance from Local Programs

Clinical Response to COVID-19


Alternative Care Sites

Cleaning and Disinfection

Guidance from Federal Agencies

Establishing Isolation and Quarantine

Guidance from Federal Agencies

Guidance from Local Programs

Harm Reduction and Substance Use Disorders

Guidance from Federal Agencies

Guidance from National Organizations

Shelters and Other Congregate-Living Facilities

Federal Agencies

Local Programs

Testing, Screening, and Persons Under Investigation

Medical Respite Care

Personal Protective Equipment

Guidance from Federal Agencies

Guidance from National Organizations

Outreach to Encampments

Funding Considerations


Medicaid and Funding Sources

Guidance from Federal Agencies

Emerging Research


Academic Studies

Social Justice, Equity, and Self-Care

Infectious Diseases and Emergency Preparedness


Responding to Diseases and Crises

 Guidance from Federal Agencies

Guidance from National Organizations


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