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Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day (HPMD) takes place every year on December 21, the first day of winter and the longest night of the year. Many organizations plan special events and memorials on HPMD to remember those who have died while experiencing homelessness.

During these events each year, we honor those who are no longer with us and strengthen our resolve to work for a world where no life is lived or lost in homelessness.

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Social Media Tips 

These resources are free for individuals or organizations to use to share information about HPMD on social media platforms—primarily Facebook and Twitter.

  • Copy and paste the suggested social media posts as is or use them as inspiration to craft your own!
  • Consider changing your social media cover and/or profile photos a few days or even weeks in advance of December 21.
  • Use the HPMD hashtags in your posts to engage with us and others on this special day. Consistent hashtags make posts about specific topics easy to find and will help to drive engagement and awareness of HPMD.
  • Pair social media posts with a corresponding visual to create interest and increase shareability.
  • Follow the Council on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn and share our content.
  • Tag the Council if you share HPMD information on your social media!


Please contact Consumer Engagement Manager with any questions or for more information about Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day or this toolkit.

Additional Resources

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HPMD Landing Page
2021 HPMD Public Statement & Advocacy Agenda
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Life, Death, & the Streets in Between
Visualize Homelessness

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Our Social Media

Follow the Council on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn

Below you will find sample posts, graphics, profile photos, and hashtags to use in your social media posts before and throughout the day on Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. Please help us spread the word and engage others in conversations and remembrances.>





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