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Clinicians’ Network Steering Committee Nominations

2022 Call for Nominations

Nominate yourself or a fellow clinician for the Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network Steering Committee, which comprises national clinical leaders in the care of people without homes. Steering Committee members are actively engaged in shaping the Council’s clinical agenda, creating and disseminating resources to improve care across the field, and advocating for solutions to homelessness.

Consisting of 15 members, the Steering Committee meets monthly by teleconference and twice a year in person—at the NHCHC headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, during October, and at the annual National Health Care for the Homeless Conference.

Whom Should I Nominate?

The Steering Committee is committed to reflecting the diversity of the Health Care for the Homeless field in its composition, including diversity of discipline, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, geography, and lived experience of homelessness. We especially encourage applications from oral health providers, nurses, peer recovery coaches, pharmacists, and psychiatrists.

Nomination Requirements

  • Any Clinicians’ Network member may nominate candidate(s) for election to the Steering Committee.
  • The candidate must be currently providing hands-on care to people experiencing homelessness.
  • The candidate must have been a member of the Clinicians’ Network for at least one year by the time of his or her election to the Steering Committee.
  • Self-nomination is acceptable and encouraged.

Application Process

Interested candidates must complete and submit the following materials via email to Lily Catalano by March 1, 2022:

  1. Nomination Form
  2. Letter explaining why the candidate wishes to serve on the Steering Committee (including assurance of regular participation in monthly Steering Committee conference calls and face-to-face meetings)
  3. Letter of approval from the candidate’s superior giving approval for the candidate’s participation in Steering Committee activities
  4. Current resume or curriculum vitae


If you have questions about the application process, please contact Lily Catalano.



Elections Process

  • The Membership Committee will prepare a slate of Steering Committee nominees considering the need for diversity of clinical discipline, geographic location, and demography among those candidates who are interested, available, and qualified.
  • The membership will elect network members to the Steering Committee during the annual Clinicians’ Network membership meeting, which is in conjunction with the National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium.

Term of Office

  • Each Steering Committee member is elected to serve a three-year term.
  • Members of the Steering Committee may serve two full consecutive terms, if elected by the network membership.
  • After a one-year absence from the Steering Committee, a member may be elected to the Steering Committee again.
  • Steering Committee members assume office upon completion of the annual network membership meeting.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Steering Committee is the governing body of the Clinicians’ Network; it guides and coordinates the affairs of the Network.
  • The Steering Committee’s policies and procedures are articulated in the Network operating guidelines.
  • Steering Committee members are expected to participate in monthly conference calls, engage in Network projects, and attend the two in-person meetings annually.
  • The National HCH Council reimburses travel expenses to the fall meeting in Nashville.
  • Steering Committee members serve without compensation.

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