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Director of Performance Improvement (Baltimore, MD)



The Director of Performance Improvement is responsible for ensuring that Health Care for the Homeless is providing high-quality care and a satisfactory client experience. The person in this role works with staff members across all sites, disciplines, and job titles to identify opportunities for improvement, prioritize those that are most important, assist staff in making positive changes, and monitor and maintain progress. The Director of Performance Improvement reports to the Chief Quality Officer, and supervises all staff members on the Performance Improvement team.

Key Role Responsibilities

  • Oversees and participates in improvement activities related to care, access, operations, and other functions at Health Care for the Homeless, including the prioritization, measurement, monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of key performance metrics.
  • Collaborates with individual staff members, discipline-based teams, multidisciplinary care teams, clients, community partners, and other stakeholders to identify, prioritize, and act upon improvement opportunities.
  • Ensures staff members are trained in identified performance improvement methodologies (e.g. Plan, Study, Do, Act and root cause analysis).
  • Ensures the use of data and evidence-based analytic practices to guide the prioritization and implementation of improvement-related activities.
  • Partners with the Health Informatics team to identify needs and improvement opportunities related to documentation and data reporting; this includes form design, staff training, data mapping, and report design.
  • Chairs the staff Performance Improvement Committee and sits on the Board Program and Performance Improvement Committee; ensures timely and accurate information is shared with the committee, and facilitates discussion related to barriers to and opportunities for improvement.
  • Provides up-to-date data and information to staff, clients, community partners, and senior leadership on prioritized performance initiatives, mandated quality metrics (e.g. UDS), past improvement projects, and future opportunities.
  • Works closely with all members of the Quality team who report to the Chief Quality Officer to ensure that agency-wide quality initiatives move forward, and that areas of high risk are identified and addressed promptly.
  • Participates in activities related to the ongoing maintenance and success of the Performance Improvement program, including but not limited to HRSA collaboration (e.g. UDS reporting, FTCA applications, SAC renewals), funder reporting, policy and procedure revision, and Joint Commission compliance. 

Key Agency Responsibilities

In addition to role responsibilities, each staff member of Health Care for the Homeless has the following responsibilities as a part of their employment:

  • Models and reinforces the Health Care for the Homeless “core values” of dignity, authenticity, hope, justice, passion and balance
  • Actively participates in performance improvement activities and actively participates in advocacy activities that support the mission of HCH
  • Performs other duties on an as-needed basis
  • Protects our client’s personal health information by maintaining compliance with HIPAA and other relevant Health Care related IT security regulations

Knowledge, Experience, and Skills:

Formal Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in health care or health-related field
  • Master’s degree in health administration, public health or related field is preferred
  • Performance improvement certification or formal training


  • Four or more years of experience in ambulatory care, with at least 2 years of experience in health care quality/performance improvement
  • Participation in project management at an organizational level
  • Knowledge of data analytics and reporting
  • Knowledge of Federally Qualified Health Center requirements preferred


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Mastery of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Experience with change management
  • Ability to work collaboratively across departments
  • Strong project management and organizational skills

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Health Care for the Homeless is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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