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North Carolina

We provide case consultations, medical respite (short-term housing) and care management to homeless persons in Durham with acute or chronic medical issues who need connection to health care, housing and other services. We accept referrals from local clinics, hospitals or health systems, crisis centers, and emergency and jail medical staff. Case consultations available for any homeless person with a medical concern impacting discharge or health care services.

The Haywood Street Respite (HSR) opened in January 2014 and now serves up to eight homeless adults at a time. HSR is a acute care program. HSR provides a safe place for those individuals to rest, recover and stabilize following discharge from the hospital for up to two weeks. It is short-term care in a home-like setting for those who are too ill or frail to recover on the streets but no longer sick enough to be hospitalized.

We provide short term recuperative care for homeless men and women following a hospital or emergency room stay. We also provide care for homeless cancer patients during their treatment programs. All referrals come from local hospitals or medical facilities. We provide shelter, meals, transportation to and from appointments, assistance in obtaining medications, and assistance in obtaining additional social services.