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Shelter Association Recuperative Care Center

Shelter Association of Washtenaw County
312 W. Huron St.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48174
United States
John Schippers
Phone Number:
(734) 996-3022

The Shelter Association Recuperative Care Center offers medically specialized shelter to persons discharging from local hospitals who are experiencing homelessness in Washtenaw County. In partnership with the Packard Health onsite shelter clinic, nurses support guests with individualized medical goals, health needs, and patient education. Medical and housing case managers refer recuperative care clients to supportive resources that end homelessness and progresses medical goals and overall health. Housed at the Delonis Center, the SAWC Recuperative Care responds to a need in the Washtenaw community to the many that need a place to recover, heal, and secure housing.

Operating Agency:
Facility Type:
Stand-alone Facility
Number of Beds:
Average Length of Stay:
estimated 45 days
Admission Criteria:

In August of 2019, the Shelter Association Medical Recuperative Care Center is prepared to serve persons with the following preliminary admission criteria:

-Experiencing homelessness
-Primary reason for referral is temporary/acute medical needs with recuperation timeline
-Willing to come to Recuperative Care; those with guardians must have the guardian’s permission
-Be independent in the Activities of Daily Living and medication administration or have adequate assistance and care
-Be medically and psychiatrically stable to receive care
-Have a condition with an identifiable end point of care for discharge

Clinical Staff:
Physician, Nurse, Social Worker
Clinical Services Provided:
Nursing staff will monitor vitals, create and review individualized treatment plans to accomplish medical goals, provide patient education to promote self-efficacy of overall health and wellness, wound care, medication administration and reviews, and linkage to Primary Care Physician.
Support Services Provided:
Meals, Transportation, Case Management, Other
Funding Sources:
Private Donations, Foundations