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Contra Costa Health Services – Philip Dorn Respite Center

Contra Costa Health Services
2047-C Arnold Industrial Way
Concord, CA 94520
Fadi Elhayek, Program Manager
Phone Number:
(925) 646-5020

The Contra Costa Philip Dorn Respite Center is a 26 bed stand-alone facility that is open 365 days per year, 24/7. Program participants have dorm or limited private accommodations, medical and psychiatric services and follow-up, meals, case management, benefits and housing assistance. The overall goal of the program is health stabilization and promotion of recovery. Long-term goals include ongoing connect to health and social services, and assisting clients transitioning into permanent supportive housing.

Upon admission, a diagnostic medical assessment and treatment plan are developed by on-site medical providers, primary care physicians and/or hospital staff. Case management services are also provided, including benefits assistance; referrals to appropriate medical, substance abuse and mental health resources; housing assistance and placement. The average length of stay is 4-6 weeks. Individuals stay in the program until it is determined that they are medically stable and can transition into the general emergency shelter population where they will continue to receive shelter and comprehensive case management services until housing has been achieved.

The Philip Dorn Respite Center is operated by the CCHS Health Care for the Homeless Program and CCHS Behavioral Health Homeless Program. A full-time HCH Registered Nurse oversees daily operations, care coordination, medication management and direct patient care.

Operating Agency:
Number of Beds:
Hours of Operation:
Average Length of Stay:
4-6 weeks
Admission Criteria:

• Homeless
• Independent in ADLs including taking medication
• Does not require >6 week stay
• Independent mobility
• Behaviorally appropriate for group setting
• Contingent of urine and stool
• Patients agrees to respite admission
• Has not received benzodiazepine for alcohol withdrawal in past 24 hours
• Willing to comply with Respite and Shelter rules
• Alert and oriented
• Independent in wound care of Home Health Nurse supplies or needs assist less than 4x/week

Clinical Services Provided:
• Nurse Practitioner (on-site)
• Nurse (on-site)
• Psychiatrist (on-site)
• Community Health Worker (on-site)
• Dental (on-site)
• Alcohol and Drug Counseling (on-site)
• Certified Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (on-site)
• Marriage and Family Therapist (on-site)
• Behaviorilist (on-site)