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Women’s Medical Respite

Women’s Medical Respite
P.O. Box 6333
411 E. Blaine, Apt. 1
Springfield, Missouri 65801
United States
Carol Daniel
Phone Number:
(417) 225-7409

The Women’s Medical Respite (WMR) was created in 2015 to offer homeless women in the Greene County, Missouri, area a safe landing place following hospitalization. Up to two women are offered a place to recuperate following illness, injury, or surgery for up to 21 days at no cost to the homeless woman. While at the WMR, women are provided a safe, comfortable, and quiet place to heal while receiving nutritious meals. Transportation to all therapies and provider appointments are provided.
Clients are responsible for their own activities of daily living, their personal laundry, and taking of their prescribed medications. The WMR does not currently include case management, but a talented staff is able to assist with establishing a provider of health care, obtaining housing if possible and desired, and assistance in establishing ID. Collaboration with the local hospitals and shelters, One Door (clearinghouse for services to the at-risk populations), and Burrell Behavioral Health help the WMR meet many of the needs of the homeless women.

Operating Agency:
Facility Type:
Apartments/Motel Rooms
Number of Beds:
Hours of Operation:
Average Length of Stay:
3 weeks
Admission Criteria:

1. Homeless female who has a medical condition that has required frequent trips to the EDs, out-patient surgery, or hospitalization.
2. Willingness on the part of the client to abstain from illegal drugs or alcohol use while staying in the WMR.
3. Psychological/mental health issues cannot be the predominate health issue

Clinical Services Provided:
Clinical services are provided by various home health agencies that are established prior to hospital discharge. Health care provider services are established through MSU Care, a free clinic for those having no payor source. If a client has a payor source such as medicaid, a health care provider is established with local physicians as soon as possible following discharge from the hospital.

Health education is provided related to medication, therapies, diets, and treatment plans as needed by volunteer physicians, nurses, and students in various health related programs at Missouri State University.
Support Services Provided:
Meals, Transportation, Case Management
Funding Sources:
Private Donations, Foundations