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HOPE Recuperative Center

1416 Joslyn Road
Pontiac, Michigan 48340
United States
Elizabeth Kelly, Executive Director/CEO
Phone Number:
(248) 499-6437
(248) 499-6628

HOPE (Helping Oakland’s People Everyday) Recuperative Center addresses the critical needs of homeless men and women newly released from the hospital yet still requiring medical attention. HOPE Recuperative Center is one of the few places in southeast Michigan where these individuals can receive proper post hospital care until they recover their strength. The program offers up to 15 guests a safe and supportive environment, as well as meals, oversight of medical treatment, follow-up care, connection with community mental health programs, legal clinic, helping people secure vital identity documents and connection with housing options.

Operating Agency:
Facility Type:
ALF/Nursing Home
Number of Beds:
Hours of Operation:
24/7, Referrals are accepted from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday
Average Length of Stay:
6 weeks
Admission Criteria:

Participating hospital case managers submit a one page referral form for the patient who is medically stable for discharge but is homeless. Patients may not self-refer.

The patient must be:
• Independent in mobility (walker, crutches and wheelchair accepted) and activities of daily living
• Independent in medication administration and personal hygiene care
• Homeless and have an acute medical condition with an identifiable end point of care
• Continent in bladder and bowel (we will provide services for those who can manage with use of adult
• Medically and psychiatrically stable at hospital discharge; No dementia or Alzheimer’s
• Willing to meet with staff daily and comply with medical recommendations

In addition to the referral form, hospitals will need to provide HOPE with:
• Latest lab results
• Psychiatric or substance abuse consult reports
• Social service case notes
• Follow up appointments (if applicable)
• TB or CXR results
• History and physical
• Discharge summary plan
• 30 day supply of discharge medications (with frequency and administration dosage)of those accepted for
admission to HOPE’s Recuperative Center.
• Any assistive devices such as crutches, wheelchairs, etc. must be provided by the hospital

HOPE is not a skilled nursing facility despite the presence of nursing/medical staff. The level of care does not
exceed that of which a person would receive in their own home.

Clinical Staff:
Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Social Worker, Community Health Worker
Clinical Services Provided:
Wound care, medication management, connection with PCP, specialty care and mental health/substance use services, patient education, resource referral to onsite community resources such as housing, coordination with insurance complex care managers/community health workers.
Support Services Provided:
Meals, Case Management
Funding Sources:
Hospital, Private Donations, Local/State Government, Religious Organization, Foundations