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Phoenix Respite Services

Family Health Centers, Phoenix
432 East Jefferson Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
United States
Sally Maddox
Phone Number:
(502) 338-4898
(502) 384-2156

Family Health Center, Phoenix is the only clinic in Louisville to provide services exclusively to those who are experiencing homelessness. Phoenix Health Center helps to provide free and comprehensive care which includes: medical, psychiatric, dental, substance use, pharmacological services and housing assessment and case management for persons experiencing homelessness. We are centrally located within blocks of most hospitals and shelters in Louisville Ky.. A Hospital Liaison assists clients needing recuperative care in coordinating services with an on site Peer Support Specialist, our clinic staff, medical providers and homeless service providers.
Fifteen respite beds are available at Wayside Christian Mission, twelve for men and three for women. They are divided three beds per room and are available for up to an initial one month stay with the possibility of an extension as needed. Admission is focused on post acuity rather than chronic symptoms. We look to help clients to return to their base line of functioning through a brief stay.
Clients utilizing our respite beds may access medical services through the clinic or weekly bedside visits from a medical provider. All of our clients receive supportive services from the Hospital Liaison, A Peer support Specialist and Phoenix Health Center staff during their stay. Free laundry, and transportation are provided as needed. The shelter cafeteria serves three meals and two snacks a day. Clients may be referred to a shelter training, work or other program, overnight bed or may move directly into transitional or permanent housing upon discharge.

Operating Agency:
Facility Type:
Homeless Shelter
Number of Beds:
Hours of Operation:
24/7 with staff present 9:00am-5:00pm
Average Length of Stay:
4 weeks
Admission Criteria:

Post acute individuals having had some medical intervention like: surgery, shunt, breaks and fractures, bedside infusions or in the case of persons with IV drug use, daily trips to an infusion center nearby,chemotherapy/radiation treatments, colonoscopy preps, wound care.

Clinical Staff:
Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Social Worker, Other
Clinical Services Provided:
Common Assessment housing staff, Peer Support Specialist and Visiting Nurse, PT and OT therapists, visiting Hospice teams
Support Services Provided:
Meals, Transportation, Case Management
Funding Sources: