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Poverello Center Medical Respite Program

Amy Allison Thompson, CEO
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The Poverello Center Medical Respite Program offers semi-private rooms and care coordination support for homeless individuals who are recovering from illness, injury or have an acute medical condition that requires privacy, rest and additional support for a full recovery. The goal of the Medical Respite Program is to increase individuals’ overall health outcomes and to decrease high community costs of care. Semi-private rooms are located on the second floor of our emergency shelter with elevator access.
The Poverello Center partners with St. Patrick Hospital, Community Medical Center and other local medical providers in discharge planning and referrals. Partnership Health Center’s Health Care for the Homeless Clinic, on-site at the Poverello Center, offers follow-up care through the establishment of a primary care provider. Clinical practicum students from the University of Montana will assist with data collection, analysis and care coordination.

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