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DuPagePads Medical Respite Program

703 West Liberty
Wheaton, Illinois 60187
United States
Jennifer Coyer, Director
Phone Number:
(630) 682-3846
(630) 682-1104

Families and individuals who are homeless often have a wide range of complex health conditions. Without a place to rest and recover, individuals who are homeless and discharged from the hospital risk compromising their health, which may lead to emergency room readmission. With a referral from a doctor, DuPage PADS Medical Respite program provides one to two week stays at motels in DuPage County with negotiated reduced rates. Along with this housing, DuPage PADS provides case management to ensure program participants receive medical attention and the support services needed to better manage their health condition and move toward stability. Rooms are conveniently located near public transportation and grocery stores and some even feature a small kitchen. At the most basic level, housing provides a place to rest and a secure place to store food, clothing and medications. Medical Respite program objectives include ensuring participants have medical insurance, have selected a primary care doctor, schedule and attend follow up doctor appointments, have access to needed medications and create a care coordination plan. A Medical Respite case manager ensures the individual is registered in the Illinois Food Assistance Program SNAP and will assist the individual in obtaining health-conscious groceries that can be prepared in their room. Reliable transportation is often a challenge for those served and to ensure continued access to care, case managers provide participants public transportation passes, gas cards or will often drive the participant to medical appointments, the grocery store or pharmacy. Knowledgeable of community resources and DuPage PADS numerous social service partners, the Medical Respite case manager works with the participant to obtain all other eligible benefits and develop a stable housing plan. As a result of this program, individuals and families suffering from an illness or injury were provided with a peaceful atmosphere to heal while being able to access support services that further assist in their recuperation.

Operating Agency:
Facility Type:
Homeless Shelter
Number of Beds:
Max of 50 beds per fiscal year
Hours of Operation:
24/7, referrals accepted M-F 7am-3pm
Average Length of Stay:
1 week
Admission Criteria:

Medical note from provider (emergency room, clinic, primary care doctor) requesting bed rest stating medical reason for need and number of days requested. Willing to work with Pads staff on care coordination plan and allow staff in and out of hotel room, ability to care for self in a hotel setting without 24 hour medical care on site.

Clinical Staff:
Social Worker
Support Services Provided:
Meals, Transportation, Case Management
Funding Sources:
Hospital, Private Donations, Religious Organization, Foundations