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Bridgewell RCC

Bridgewell-Lynn Community Health Center
73 Buffum Street
Lynn, Massachusetts 01901
United States
Beverly M. Clarke, Director of Recovery and Homeless Services
Phone Number:
(339) 883-2296
(339) 502-4600

The mission of the Medical Respite Program is to provide recuperative care, short-term residential care and coordination of services for medically complex homeless and under-housed adults in the city of Lynn. Clients will be referred by the North Shore Medical Center, Lynn Community Health Center, Greater Lynn Senior Services, Lynn Emergency Shelter and other community agencies. The Medical Respite Program will provide a wide variety of medical and social services:
• Referral and warm hand-off to Primary Care
• Management of Urgent Care needs
• Round the clock stay-in-bed capacity
• Nursing care, medication management, patient education, and wound care
• Screening and referral for necessary preventive care
• Social services and case management
• Links to benefits and housing
• Substance Abuse and Mental Health referrals
• Assist individuals with scheduling of transportation to medical and social services appointments
• Three meals a day

Medical respite care is acute and post-acute medical care for homeless and under-housed persons who are too ill or frail to recover from a physical illness or injury on the streets but are not ill enough to be in a hospital. Medical respite is short term residential care that allows homeless individuals the opportunity to rest in a safe environment while accessing medical care and other supportive services.

Operating Agency:
Facility Type:
Stand-alone Facility
Number of Beds:
Hours of Operation:
Our program operates twenty four hours a day 365 days a year. Our program accepts admissions Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
Average Length of Stay:
21 Days
Admission Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria: (Client must meet all)
– Homeless or marginalized
– Referred from a health care facility in North Shore and or Community Providers from the Greater Lynn area
– Must be 18 years of age or older
– Acute medical problem requiring short-term respite care
– Medically & psychiatrically stable (Patient can’t be suicidal or homicidal, appropriate of group setting)
– Continent of urine and feces
– Independent in mobility, transfer, feeding, not known to be fall-risk at this time
– Agreeable to admission and receiving care from Respite staff
– Have scheduled subspecialty follow-up appointments, as indicated (this includes follow-up for anticoagulation management for patients on Coumadin)
– Acceptable Conditions:
– Wheelchair, walker use, cane or crutches
– Independent in all ADL’s and medication administration
– Post-contagion/treatment- Hepatitis A, impetigo, TB or influenza
– Alcohol/Drug: From hospital- CIWA < 10 From outpatient- No DT/seizure expectation
– Methadone- administered at community site
– Bowel preps and pre-surgical procedures
– Chemotherapy- administered at community site
– CPAP use
– IV infusion-QD or BID order (PICC lines must be in place at admission, and ID follow-up until antibiotics are completed is required. If 24 hour infusion is planned, a small attachable pump and pump supplies must be provided)
– Insulin dependent diabetic (patient must arrive with glucometer, chemstirps, lancets, and syringes)
– Wound-care up to BID dressing change
– Wound VAC, if small and attached (wound vac and wound vac supplies must be provided by the referring hospital)
– Portable oxygen use (small oxygen tanks ONLY, must be arranged by referring hospital)

Clinical Staff:
Nurse Practitioner, Social Worker, Community Health Worker, Other
Support Services Provided:
Meals, Case Management, Other
Funding Sources:
Hospital, Private Donations