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Durham Homeless Care Transitions

Project Access of Durham County
407 Crutchfield Street
Durham, North Carolina 27704
United States
Donna Biederman
Phone Number:
(919) 470-7261

We provide case consultations, medical respite (short-term housing) and care management to homeless persons in Durham with acute or chronic medical issues who need connection to health care, housing and other services. We accept referrals from local clinics, hospitals or health systems, crisis centers, and emergency and jail medical staff. Case consultations available for any homeless person with a medical concern impacting discharge or health care services. We provide expert advice regarding appropriate resources for safe hospital discharge or outpatient care. Medical respite provides a safe place to rest and recover and clean bedroom and bathroom, including the option for home health services (when needed and available). We do not operate an independent facility — we contract for placement typically with sober housing in Durham. Persons must be able to live independently (including all ADLs and IADLs) and be willing to comply with rules of the facility.
Care management provides an engaged community health worker to connect persons to primary and specialty care, mental health and/or substance abuse services, benefits such as social security disability income, Medicaid and food stamps, transportation, social supports and housing.

Operating Agency:
Facility Type:
Apartments/Motel Rooms
Number of Beds:
Average 5; variable dependent on need
Clinical Staff:
Nurse Practitioner, Community Health Worker, Other
Funding Sources:
Hospital, Local/State Government, Foundations