19 Health Center Program Requirements

Agencies receiving funding under the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) health center program are required to comply with specific program requirements. Regardless of a health center’s special population funding, whether they are serving general low-income, migrant/seasonal farmworkers, public housing, or homeless populations, each health center is evaluated under the same program requirements. The Council understands that special population health center grantees may have difficulty meeting certain aspects of program requirements due to the nature of the populations and administrative and clinical structures used to meet the needs of this special population. As part of the Council’s technical assistance (TA) services, staff prioritize requests for assistance in meeting HRSA program requirements.

The following resources were compiled as a result of years of cataloging requests and responses related to Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) grantees meeting health center program requirements. These resources are specific to HCH grantees and are meant to supplement information and guidance from HRSA, their project officers, and other national TA and training agencies. For official federal statutes and general guidance meeting program requirements, please visit HRSA’s Health Center webpages, your local primary care association, and the National Association of Community Health Centers website.

Resources that address meeting program requirements more broadly are shared first, then resources specific to each of the 19 requirements are listed as links to those specific resource webpages.

The Health Center Site Visit Guide is used by HRSA consultants to evaluate a health center’s ability to meet HRSA’s program requirements. The guide breaks down each requirement into detailed sections and assist grantees understanding the criteria for meeting each of the requirements.

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(2014) All health center grantees are assessed on their ability to meet all 19 program requirements. The assessment is in the form of an intensive 2.5-day onsite visit conducted by HRSA and their consultants. Results from the assessment may have an impact on funding and the health center’s grant. Two Health Care for the Homeless grantees that have recently and successfully completed their HRSA Operation Site Visit (OSV) have volunteered to share how they prepared for their visit and will offer tips and suggestions to grantees expecting an OSV in the coming year.

(2014) These TA resources are not homeless healthcare specific but may assist grantees in meeting program requirements regardless of funding types.



PR1: Need


PR2: Required and Additional Services

PR3: Staffing

*PR: 4 Accessible Hours of Operation/ Locations

PR5: After hours coverage

PR6: Hospital Admitting Privileges and Continuum of Care

PR7: Sliding Fee Discounts

PR8: Quality Improvement/ Assurance Plan

Management & Finances

*PR9: Key Management Staff

*PR10: Contractual/ Affiliation Agreements

PR11: Collaborative Relationships

PR12: Financial Management and Control Policies

PR13: Billing and Collections

*PR14: Budget

PR15: Program Data Reporting Systems

PR16: Scope of Project


PR17: Board Authority

PR18: Board Composition

PR19: Conflict of Interest Policy

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